Local History Museum Hermannsburg

Local History Museum Hermannsburg
Harmsstraße 3a
29320 Hermannsburg

Normal opening times:
Tuesday to Thursday 3 pm to 5 pm,
Sunday 3 pm to 5 pm

Otherwise the museum can be visited by prior arrangement .

Enquiries at the Tourist Information Office Hermannsburg Harmsstraße 3a, 29320 Hermannsburg, Tel. 05052/94044

The Local History Museum Hermannsburg connects spatially historical reflection and the living present. The exhibition, together with the local library and the Tourist Information Centre were housed in a new building after the old museum building, a timber frame house, was burnt down. The exhibits which survived the fire are divided into various sections and are grouped around a reconstruction of an old hearth. Various utensils from earlier daily life can be seen, beside a collection of elaborate cupboards and chests and also a cobbler´s and cartwright´s workshop. A farmhouse room depicts the modest lifestyle of earlier generations.

Special exhibitions are on show during the summer months.
A group of buildings, consisting of a thatched timber frame house, a loft and a barn, interesting from the point of view of local history, can also be seen a few minutes walk away at Lutherweg 16, in the grounds of the Lower Saxony Lutheran Adult Education Centre.