Bergen-Belsen, Borough of Lohheide




Memorial site Bergen-Belsen, the grounds

Memorial site Bergen-Belsen
29303 Bergen
Tel. 05051/6011

Opening times: daily from 9 am to 6 pm

Between 1941 and 1945, about 100,000 people died in the POW and concentration camp Bergen-Belsen which the National Socialists called a "residence camp" to cover up its real function.

In 1946, the British military government ordered that an obelisk and inscription plaque be erected in the grounds of the former concentration camp. In 1952 the care and upkeep of the memorial site was taken over by the Land of Lower Saxony. In 1966 the document centre, which houses a permanent exhibition and which gives the visitor an impression of the camp and the political circumstances of its origin, was opened to the public. Since 1990 a further far more comprehensive permanent exhibition in the extension of the document centre depicts the history of the POW camp and the concentration camp.

Bergen-Belsen is the principal memorial site in Lower Saxony in which awareness of the criminal and inhuman Nazi regime and the memory of its victims is kept alive.