Rifleman´s Museum

Rifleman´s Museum
Altencellertorstr. 1
29221 Celle

Opening times: Sunday 10.30 am to 12.30 pm and by prior arrangement, Tel. 05141/ 24741
As part of a guided tour of town or by prior arrangement with the Tourist Information Office, Tel. 05141/1212

The "Celle Rifleman´s Museum", founded in 1976, in the "house on the town wall", exhibits documents and artefacts which mirror the history of the five united Celle Rifleman companies: the Rifleman Company Altenceller-Vorstadt, from 1428, the Altstädter Rifleman´s Guild from 1579, the Neustädter-Altenhäusener Rifleman´s Company from 1620, Rifleman´s Corps Neuenhäusen from 1815 and the Hehlentor Rifleman´s Company from 1880.

Besides the certificates and decorations, there are numerous rifleman´s boards, kings chains, letters, medals, uniforms and trophies belonging to the Riflemen´s sphere of activities. The portraits of the Rifleman Kings are at the centre of the collection. This unusual "Gallery of Celler Rifleman´s Kings" starts in 1900 and continues until the present day. It includes 78 portraits, 60 of which are on show. The majority are up to the year 1938 and were painted by the artist W. Kricheldorff. The subsequent kings´ portraits are of W. Kruke, H. Blasek, G. Schreiber, Lehmet, Schult and Hohmann.