Living traditions, charming countryside, dynamic economy

Celle is synonymous with a dynamic economic area which is developing within Hanover's catchment. Together with twelve parochial districts and the county town of the same name, the administrative district which represents this economic area constitutes an integrated community, well versed in working together, and with a total of 1 80,000 inhabitants. The whole catchment area contains around half a million inhabitants.

Populism and open-mindedness are priorities here. You will find highly professional contacts who will be happy to lend you assistance and to create tailor-made solutions for you.

So there are good reasons why the population is growng continuously, due to an influx of incomers. People like living here and appreciate the short travel times to their places of work and to educational institutions. Thanks to favourable prices, even people on average incomes can afford generously proportioned building plots in charming locations. For those who have set their sights higher, the sky´s the limit. Secure your own piece of real estate in a Iandscape with urban design panache which draws holidaymakers year after year Celle administrative disfrict offers some richly varied country.

lt ranges from the park-like landscape of Allerniederung in the south to the typical forest and heather-shrouded flatlands of the north. Order our leisure map and see the fascinating variety for yourself. From pitches for football kickabouts on every corner, to golf courses, aerodromes, sailing facilities and marinas - everything is on your doorstep.

Everywhere offers a comprehensive set of basic resources - and some places even more. Those seeking greater luxury, and ample opportunity to wander around, are weicome to visit the county town of Celle. The walled heart of the old city with its centuries-old half-timbered houses and the castle offers the incomparable ambience of a ducal seat, combined with all the advantages of a modern town within Hanover's orbit.

The administrative district of Celle is the Iocation of high-performance and forward-looking companies in numerous prospering branches of the economy. A future-orientated economic policy ensured that numerous industrial parks were created on federal highways, and that the development of new residential areas was facilitated by bw rates of taxation and a favourable grants system.

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