Day trips and class outings

Who is eligible?

  • Pupils under 25 years, who are attending general or vocational school, except when they receive an apprenticeship pay
  • Children in daycare or preschool

Which support is offered?

Actual incurred expenses for class outings in terms of the circular by the ministry of education and cultural affairs (see below) including student exchanges, skiing, field or choir trips.

Pocket money for additional expenses during these trips is not refundable.

The same regulations apply to day trips outside the school or day care ground. For trip costs over 20 € a payment receipt is needed.

How does it work?

Every day trip or class outing has to be applied for separately. You have to apply at the latest by the end of the month in which the trip or payment is due. In general the Landkreis Celle transfers the expenses directly to the school or day care center. Cash payments for day trips can be refunded.


Annex of the letter for parents regarding a school trip (to be completed by school or kindergarten!)

circular by the ministry