School materials

Who is eligible?

  • Pupils under 25 years, who are attending general or vocational school, except when they receive an apprenticeship pay
    • Children in "Schulkindergarten", who are required to attend school, but whose successful attendance of the first school year cannot be expected

Which school materials are included?

Beside a schoolbag and sportswear, writing/calculating/drawing material, e.g. pens, rulers, compasses or set squares are included.

The benefit is provided on top of the standard benefit to facilitate the obtaining of school materials at the beginning of school semesters. Expenses for consumption items, e.g. erasers, notebooks, ink, pencils must be obtained with the standard benefit.

How is this benefit provided?

Per school year and pupil a lump sum of 100 € is paid out to the applicant. The lump sum is divided in two payments amounting to 70 € at the 01.08. and 30 € at the 01.02. respectively for each school year.

Recipients of housing benefit or children’s allowance according to the BKGG must apply for this benefit. The other beneficiaries will receive this benefit without applying for it.

Please note the following

For pupils under six and over 16 years the Landkreis Celle will request a proof of school attendance (certificate of enrolment).

The Landkreis Celle can ask for proof of use for this purposive cash benefit. Please keep any receipts.