Transportation to/ from school

Who is eligible?

Pupils* will receive an allowance for their monthly travel card when attending the nearest school for upper secondary education (ISCED 3) as long as they can’t reach school by foot or bicycle and the costs are not covered by anyone else. According to a by-law of the Landkreis Celle the minimum distance for required school transportation for pupils attending upper secondary education amounts to 8 km.

Pupils up to grade 10, as well as pupils attending a pre-vocational training year (Berufseinstiegsklasse or Berufsvorbereitungsjahr) or vocational school without secondary school certificate, can claim the refund for school transport expenses from the Amt für Bildung, Sport und Zentrale Dienste.

* Pupils under 25 years, who are attending general or vocational school, except when they receive an apprenticeship pay

How is the benefit calculated?

The benefit is granted for actual expenses for traffic services (e.g. private school transport) or public transport services (school bus, urban bus, train etc.). The maximum amount is limited by the price of the school (part-time) monthly ticket for the direct route between the residence and the school.

The benefit is reduced by 5 € per month (applicant’s own contribution).

How is the service provided?

The benefit for school transport is provided as cash payment. For this purpose the original tickets must be submitted.