Learning support

Who is eligible?

Pupils under 25 years, who are attending general or vocational school, except when they receive an apprenticeship pay

Which support is offered?

The adequate expenses for necessary out-of-school learning support are borne.

Out-of-school learning support supplements aids and offers supplied by the school or school-related organizations (e.g. Fördervereine). These offers, which are generally cost-free, should be given priority.

The benefit is granted when the achievement of the educational objective in a subject is at risk and out-of-school learning support is suitable for an improvement. The mere achievement of a recommendation for a higher type of school (e.g. Gymnasium) is not eligible. Furthermore therapy for dyslexia or dyscalculia is not eligible.

How does it work?

The need for learning support is approved by the school via the form below.

This form includes information about the subject, the needed intensity of learning support and about the suitability of out-of-school learning support for improvements. The decision of grant is then based on this information, which is considered valid for 6 months. After 6 months the school will have to complete the form again.

Please note:

Forms cannot be carried forward to a new school year. Learning support during summer break is only granted for justified individual cases.

Further requirements

Expenses for learning support are only borne for learning facilitators, who signed an agreement with the Landkreis Celle and commercial facilitators respectively. A frequently updated catalogue of these facilitators can be found below. For further details please contact the respective facilitators.

In case you find a facilitator, who is not in the catalogue yet, please advise him/her of necessity of the agreement with the Landkreis Celle.

Advice for facilitators

Since 1st August 2016 an agreement between the facilitator and the Landkreis Celle is a condition precedent the settle his/her accounts. The agreement includes amongst others an hourly wage rate and invoicing modalities (see below “Mustervereinbarung”). The previous procedure persists for commercial facilitators until further notice.

After the conclusion of agreement the range of learning support is published in the catalogue below unless contradicted. Commercial facilitators are listed without details about their range of learning support.

Please contact Mr. von Damaros (05141/916-4080) for further details.

catalogue of facilitators