Museums and Memorial Sites in and around Celle

Like all administrative districts within the former Province of Hanover the county of Celle was founded on April 1st 1885 and constitutes the previous districts of Celle and Bergen and eight further villages from the Meinersen District. Today the county is one of the medium sized districts in Lower Saxony and covers an area of 1544 km² and a population of about 180.000. Geographically speaking it is in the southern area of the Lüneburg Heath surrounded by the Districts of Uelzen, Soltau-Fallingbostel, Hanover and Gifhorn.

Historically, the county was influenced by the former Duchy town of Celle. The two areas of influence from the Princedom of Lüneburg and the Kingdom of Hanover have left their mark on the cultural and economic structure of the region in the course of its eventful history.

Tourism and leisure activities are of outstanding importance in the District of Celle. They benefit on the one hand from the natural and clean environment, which is endorsed by the Nature Park Südheide to the north of the District, covering an area of 500 km², founded in 1964. On the other hand the cultural landscape of the county is represented by a variety of options. The art lover with cultural interests will find various institutions with attractively presented exhibitions about the cultural history of the south of the Lüneburg Heath, well worth visiting and knowing about. There is a variety of museums including open air, art and regional museums for folklore and the history of civilization, as well as memorial sites.

The brochure "Museums and Memorial Sites in and around Celle" is intended as a guide and an aid, enabling local visitors and those from out of town individual choice according to individual interests, and helps simplify identifying the different cultural influences. The observant visitor will quickly realize, besides all the museums and memorial sites with their art and cultural exhibitions, just how much there is to see and experience in and around Celle.