Museum of Art Celle

Museum of Art Celle with the collection of Robert Simon at the Bomann-Museum Schloßplatz 7
29220 Celle
Tel. 05141/ 12355
Internet: 24-hours-museum of art Opening hours:de
Tuesday-Sunday 11am to 5 pm (Inside)
Every day 5 pm to 11am (Outside)

Since 1996 the contemporary art collection of Hanover galerist Robert Simon has been on exhibition at the new extension of the Bomann-Museum. On January 1st 2001 Robert Simon transferred a considerable part of his collection into the newly founded Robert Simon Art Foundation, which forms together with the Art-Foundation Celle the new Museum of Art Celle. The main focus of the art collection is put on paintings and sculptures of the last decades by artists, who were either born in Lower Saxony or have worked there. Not only the national but also the international art scene is represented with important paintings by Ben Willikens, Dieter Krieg, Lienhard von Monkiewitsch, Giso Westing and many others. The artwork of Lower Saxony's sculptor Hartmut Stielow is connected to the tradition of European steel sculptures, having been a student of Bernhard Heiliger.

Very inspiring is also the variety of art objects by well known artists such as Joseph Beuys, Timm Ulrichs and Peter Basseler. Individual styles are apparent within the artistic creativity, which provoke questions about the context of life and experience and demonstrate to what extent contemporary art generally questions repeatedly and insistently our existence and how they are both linked.

Exceptional are the light objects - some of them have especially been made for the glass extension of the Museum to be observed by evening and night time, looking in from the outside. Thus Celle has "The First 24-Hour Museum of Art".