Cultural, sports and leisure activities

Who is eligible?

Children or adolescents under 18 years.

Which support is offered?

A benefit to the amount of 10 € per month is granted to enable children and adolescents to take part in association- and community structures and to get in contact with peers.

The benefit helps with fees for

  • membership in sports clubs (e.g. football club) or art classes (e.g. music lessons)
  • guided activities of cultural education (e.g. city tours)
  • participation in field trips and other extracurricular activities (e.g. youth camps)

How does it work?

For every child a separate application is needed. The benefit amounts to 10 € per month or up to a lump sum of 120 € depending on the verified benefit period.

Since 1st August 2013 it is also possible to claim a benefit for further expenses as long as they are associated with an activity mentioned above e.g. sport- or music-equipment.  An own contribution of up to 60 € by the beneficiary is deducted.

Expenses for entertainment activities like cinema or fees for profit-making companies like fitness centers are not eligible.

For the evidence of participation a payment request, account statement, receipt or written confirmation by the provider of expected expenses suffices.